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The Sandbox

My blog is my sandbox -- a space where I share ideas, play, and help other people (and myself) feel less alone. I write about everything from being an artist to being a mother. I write media analysis and cultural commentary. I write funny things and personal things.

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I'm not trying to make money from my blog, or become a Famous Blogger, so I give myself permission to write whatever the hell I want, whenever the spirit moves me -- sometimes that's every day, or week, and sometimes months go by. 

 I think everyone needs a space like this, where we aren't striving, we're just playing; I hope you have one, too.


Doing Improv Shows On Google Hangout

For the last couple months I’ve been part of a super-cool experiment called E-mprov, in which teams of improvisers from all over the world gather together online each week to do improv shows via Google Hangout or Skype.

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Gratitude and My Geriatric Dog

The pain and beauty of watching your dog get older.

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The Creative Woman’s Guide to Getting Headshots You Love in NYC

I am usually a no makeup, no-spend-money-on-how-I-look-or-anything-I-deem-superficial kind of person, but it finally dawned on me that part of telling my story (yeah, storytelling, that thing I’m always going on about) is having visuals out there that represent me the way I want to look.

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